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The Issues

As Senator,

STAND UP FOR TAXPAYERS Ken Stambaugh is committed to restoring fiscal sanity in Harrisburg by standing up for taxpayers and opposing reckless spending.  

REFORM HARRISBURG:  Ken is not a politician.  As an outsider he can do what career politicians cannot do: root out corruption, demand accountability and transparency.

PROTECT OUR FAMILIES:  Ken believes that we need to secure our borders.  He opposes sanctuary cities and supports banning them in Pennsylvania.  

DEFEND OUR RIGHTS AND OUR VALUES:  Our Constitutional rights and our values are under attack by liberal politicians.  Ken will fight for our values and individual freedoms and less government intrusion into our lives.

IMPROVE EDUCATION:   Ken believes that all children deserve a quality education.  A product of a public and parochial school education,  he will support policies that improve public schools and expand school choice options such as charter schools, homeschooling, vocational training, and education scholarships.  

SUPPORT OUR VETERANS: As a veteran, Ken understands what it means to serve our country.  As the Commander of the Dauphin County Council of the American Legion, Ken is committed to helping veterans and veteran organizations.  As State Senator, he’ll do everything that he can to guarantee that our veterans get the support that they’ve earned.

RESTORE ELECTION INTEGRITY:   Free and fair elections are pivotal for our democracy.  Pennsylvanians deserve an election system that makes it easy to vote and hard to cheat.  Ken supports Voter ID and reforming Pennsylvania voting laws for more in person voting at the polls through early in person voting instead of no excuse mail in ballots.